Bracelet Restoration

We can restore many watch bracelets especially Rolex .

Where the centre link pins become old and worn the metal links become sloppy . Commonly known as stretch this can lead over time to breakage of the pins themselves leading to either damage or even loss of the bracelet or watch itself! Unfortunately over time grime and particles build up between the bracelet links and unless regularly cleaned act as an abrasive wearing the metal/gold away , this is normally exacerbated by wearing bracelets loose as they will have more space to move and ultimately grind away!

We can restore and tighten most Rolex bracelets including , Jubilee , Oyster and 18k Presedential and 18k Jubilee bands as well as the older Folded type Stainless Oyster 9315 and US style oval Jubilee . Exisiting pins are either replaced or strengthened and new clasp pins are added to provide an original tighter fit.

We can also restore Omega Sprung bracelets and woven type, As well as other makes of 18k, Platinum bracelets and clasps.

Generally 18k bracelets will need new pins and gold/solder work is required to make new again. We are able to repair snapped 18k Clasps , a common problem due to structural defects in the gold itself which over time weakens the clasp and can result in a clean break and also repair end piece links and hoops .

With the cost of parts going upwards every year bracelet restoration is a very cost effective way of safe guarding your treasured timepiece and ensuring the bracelet is given a new lease of life with many more years of use ahead!